Okay, I know what you are thinking. How can I make money by just lazying around playing video games the entire day? But this is what top gamers around the world are doing for money. If you want to get in the race, read on:

How to make money by just playing video games?

Get online

If you want to make it your life’s aim to make money but do not know how to begin – get online. (We have all heard about Miniclip). Online gaming site with strong marketing and big audience allow users to make money. Gamers are smart, but someone, somewhere probably smarter than gamers came up with the idea on how to make money very fast and easy, so he offered to us game lovers an offer we can’t refuse (he probably watched “Godfather”) and decided to give us the opportunity to combine gaming with earning real money.


Get paid to play proved to be a money-making machine for dedicated gamers, and it was just a matter of time when it will become viral. Now you can find many different types of online sites that pay you for playing games on their site and organize weekly or monthly tournaments. These offer a decent sum of prize money for winners. You will not earn a fortune, but enough to keep going while playing your favorite game.

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We all know those great gamers that know everything about a game. And no matter what you do, they are always better than you. Well, a lot of those players actually earn real money from writing and reviewing about those games. To get started, create your own blog or start posting videos on YouTube.


Consistency is the key here. It will take some time until you gather a decent audience that will read your blog daily. But if you are a passionate gamer, you will really enjoy writing gaming blogs and start earning with Google Adsense.

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If you do not want to spend time creating a blog and maintaining it, simply create quality content and look for publishers. You can contact them and send a request for publishing your content. This could include walkthroughs, guides, reviews, etc. both in text and video format.


Just remember that your content must be interesting enough for publishers to post your content and get visitors. the more hits your articles get, the more popular you will be. Strong opinion pieces also gather a ton of user engagement.

Live Streams

This method is very popular in Asia, actually some of Chinese and Korean gamers are earning thousands of dollars every month by simply live streaming their gameplay. The most popular site for this type of content is Twitch, but you can use YouTube as well.


You can groom your play-style by frequently going live. Post your schedules beforehand to gather an audience. You can earn from your patrons and ads.


We just can’t talk about earning money on playing video games without mentioning eSports tournaments. The tournament with the biggest overall prize poll (24 million USD) was held last year in the USA. Winners of this tournament earned $10,862,683 playing Dota 2 and beating 17 other teams! If you think you are a real gamer, you have to consider this guys. They spent from 10 to 15 hours a day training, working on their tactics and teamwork. You will have to be really persistent but the effort can really pay off. And of course, there is a prestigious title of a world champion.


Beside Dota 2, which holds the first place with highest prize money, you can try to compete at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm and many other games.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is probably more popular than Dota 2, but the competition is fierce and your skills must be incredibly good to even think about facing this type of opponents and winning the tournament. There are also tournaments with lower prize pool with semi-pro players that you should keep your eye on since the competition is much weaker, giving you a chance to shine and earn some money on the side and who knows maybe one day you will be a world champion with 10 million dollars on your bank account.

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Be Consistent

If you really want to earn money from playing video games, you have to realize one thing – this is not an easy job and it will require your full attention and dedication.


A lot of people think that it is easy to lazy around playing games, but it is as tough and important as running a business or having a day job. Hon your gaming skills as nobody enjoys watching and learning from a sloppy gamer. Provide insightful blogs and text content. If you love gaming and are consistent with creating enough, you will earn good bucks.

One last thing before I sign off – remember that hard work always pays off and is the only things which will make you a PROFESSIONAL GAMER!