Kratos, the God of War, the ghost of Sparta, the man who single-handedly brought Mount Olympus and all the Greek Gods along with it, is back. The God of War 2018 is not a reboot to the immensely popular series. Instead, it is a sequel to the last chapter of Krato’s journey in God of War 3.

In fact, it is not just a sequel. It is a rediscovery and reimagination of the series to cope up the modern standards of the video game industry and give the game a modern triple-A feel. Yet, it holds on to the formulas and morals that made God of War 2018 a likable series in the first place.

The game is an absolute delight to play, especially in 4k on PS4 Pro. The graphics and game mechanics are absolutely stunning and will definitely leave you awestruck. Kratos looks absolutely badass with a beard and his new weapon of choice an axe. The game maintains the same level of joy, excitement and fun as the previous God of War titles. God of War 2018 being a PlayStation exclusive title, the game is available only on PS4.

The new God of War 2018 is the next chapter in Kratos’ journey. But this new chapter is rather different from all the other adventures of the merciless killing machine. Kratos rediscovers his inner emotional self and questions his morals in an adventure he undertakes with his son.

There is huge time-gap between the events of God of War 3, where Kratos wrapped up his story of vengeance by killing Zeus, and the new God of War 2018 where we find Kratos in the Norse Mythology. Owing to the same confusion and the vanilla name God of War without any subtitle, the New God of War may seem like a reboot, but as mentioned, it is actually a sequel to God Of War 3.

A Heart Touching Story of God of War 2018

In God of War 3, Kratos finished his revenge on the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus by killing his father Zeus, the god of gods who headed the council of Mount Olympus. Kratos brought down Mount Olympus in the process and left the world in ruins.

He suffered a major injury in the battle with Zeus but it was later revealed that he survived. Kratos wondered the worlds and realms of gods and men alike after that for countless years. Thus, the story suggests a co-existence of different Gods of different mythologies in the same physical plain but different realms.  He was on a journey to rediscover himself, his emotions and inner self.

8 years later it is revealed that Kratos settle peacefully in the realm of Norse Gods. He left his shady and godly past behind him and led the life of a commoner. Yet, he is a stranger to the Nordic lands and discovers various aspects of the Nords long with the player as the story progresses. He married a lady named Faye and had a son named Arteus.

God of War 2018 Story

In the opening of the new God of War 2018, Kratos is found chopping down a tree for the pyre of his late wife. It is his wife’s last wish to place her remains on the top of the highest mountain.

Kratos and his son set out to fulfill the last wish of their wife and mother respectively and that’s where the majority of the story takes place.

God of War 2018 presents a new aspect to the tale of Kratos’ disturbed and relentless personality. He is no longer driven by his anger, though he still has issues to control it. He rediscovers the emotions he had lost as he progressed through the journey with his son. He is hard on Arteus, his son, on the outside but cares for him deeply on the inside He is proud of him, yet fails to express his emotions to his son.

But their journey isn’t easy, to say the least, both literally and figuratively. The Nordic Gods become aware of Kratos’ disturbed past and wish to take appropriate cautions. Cautions that act as hindrances in the journey of the father and son.

The game presents a heart touching emotional bonding between Kratos and his son. A deep and emotional story is presented that I do not wish to spoil for you.

A Beautiful Nordic Setting of God of War 2018

God Of War 2018 takes place years and years after the events of God Of War 3 in the realm of Nordic Gods, which a visual treat, to say the least. The physics of the game is lifelike. Kratos’ beard has been apparently given special; emphasizes.

The setting has changed from dark dungeons of Greek Mythology to a lush green and white world of Nordic realms. The graphics and the attention to minute details are breathtakingly amazing. The world in itself is not open world, but there are some sections and nooks that promote you to look around.

Another wonderful feature of God of War 2018 is the fact that game features no camera cuts at all. There are is no loading or black screens when transitioning from one area to another. The cutscenes and gameplay harmoniously blend into each other. It is a technical marvel that the whole game is featured in one single camera shot.

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God of War 2018 – A Relentless Gameplay

God of War games has had a special emphasis on satisfying combat since the first game came out back in 2005. I’m happy to say that the new God of War 2018 presents the same level of satisfaction, if not more, in killing Nordic Mythologic figures as the Greek ones.

Kratos has lost his iconic weapon Chains of Chaos or Chaos of Athena. Instead, he is gifted with the Levitan Axe that works in a similar way to Thor’s hammer, it comes back when called. Moreover, it freezes an enemy in place. The developers at Santa Monica studios worked hard to add ‘weight’ to the axe that the player could feel. It is safe to say that they have succeeded gloriously in doing so by controller vibrations, sound and graphics.

Perhaps you may not find the axe as thrilling as Chains of Chaos when you start the game, but through the course of the game, as you upgrade it, you’ll begin to love it.

The combat in itself is very different, yet rewarding. For the first time ever in a God of War game, enemies have health bars. The developers have done so to enable players to strategize their approach towards to enemies.

There are two other aspects to combat in addition to the axe, namely barely handed attacks and the shield. The shield is used to deflect the attacks of the enemies and stun them in the process. Barehanded attacks are most prominent in the ‘Spartan Rage’ mode, a limited time you in which you can deliver very powerful attacks. The rage meter builds up over time and in combat.

Then there is Arteus, a companion through the course of the game. Arteus is not a liability to the God Of War 2018, instead, he is quite helpful in combat as he shoots arrows upon your command. As you progress through the course of the game, Arteus’ attacks will deal more damage and he’ll also inflict melee damage in addition to the ranged combat.

For the first time ever in a God of War game, RPG elements have been introduced. You have to collect in-game resources and currency in order to get these upgrades. Upgrades can be purchased for the armour and weapons of both father and the son.

You also earn experience for doing an array of activities and side quests called ‘ favors’. You can spend this experience of purchasing skills. Skills can be invested in four aspects- Axe combat, shield combat, barehanded and ranged (for Arteus). All the skills once acquired are active, there are no slots for skills.

However, there are runes that you can use for additional abilities for your weapons. These runes must be placed in slots. So you have to decide wisely according to your play style as to which rune you must pick.

At last, there are the boss battles. I’m afraid to say that God of War, a franchise that has been about memorable bosses, does not shine as brightly in terms of boss battles as it does in other aspects. Most of the bosses you’ll come across will be trolls. It is fun to fight them as their difficulty gradually rises but it isn’t as fun to fight them as Greek Gods. However, I assure you there are boss battles with Nordic Gods as well.

God Of War 2018 Review - The Ghost of Sparta Returns
God of War is a great game. It defines a generation of PS4. The story lasts about 25-30 hours depending on your playstyle, a time you'll truly enjoy and a lot of your questions will be answered. It's a flawless game and deserves a full score. It is a masterpiece that'll be remembered in the ages hence.
  • Satisfying and smooth gameplay with memorable Dialogues
  • Gorgeous World
  • A Heartfelt story with interesting characters
  • None substantial
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