Final Fantasy XV is a charming fusion that is tailored to appeal both; the longtime fans and the first-timers. Anyone who has played most of its previous entries will get the treatment they expect from Final Fantasy series. The game line is glued with its four protagonists which add to its beauty and has incredible characters committed to the plot. At the same time, the glitches in the story and design are noticeable.

Different from other Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy XV is not like other role-playing games where stranger characters come together to fight evil, rather it’s a clan of close, long-time friends. The presence of this relationship visibly adds loads to the plot, be it combat, or on the road or anywhere between the game.

The way it differs from the Final Fantasy games of the past is how it’s fully-functional in real-time combats. It unites the three AI-controlled companions and cohesively fights and creates synergy. This synergy adds to the flare and as it should be, all the three companions are equally competent in all the battles—killing almost the same number of opponents in missions. It’s safer to say that they are as skilled as you are. And, that keeps them relevant and close to the story.

Undoubtedly, the visuals are great, especially during the fights. The ‘button presses’ and their ‘reactions’ are reliable to count on. There are teleportation abilities and warping strike that keep things interesting during the battles and specific enemy attacks.


However, during a complex fight, where several characters are involved, it lacks tactical capabilities. There is hardly any way to avoid combats, and that’s where Final Fantasy XV goes weak. These tactics are usually put down in the form of spells and magic in this type of games. Its limited magnitude lacks variety and usefulness, though the spell crafting system is capable of a huge amount of damage.

Another sad thing about the spell-system is in its rare availability and hence, it isn’t available when you need it. To give you a perspective, you acquire your first summon when you’re already 40-hours in the game. The minimized role of the magic sadly hurts, but when it comes, you feel that it was worth the wait.

The other thing that stands out at hurting the gameplay is how, during the final fights, the camera becomes your bigger enemy than the boss. It hides the real enemy from showing up on the screen. What can be worse than that?

Strengths of Final Fantasy XV

The open world that Final Fantasy XV provides is huge.  Although there is a megabit to learn when one starts to explore the outer-world. It’s magnificent how much you can do within the game. But since there is no way to fast travel and you have only limited time, it’s always a choice between exploring and finishing the task, which could be a turn-off for several users.

On to the positive side, the mentioned slow and compact travel in the world helps the relationship between the characters grow. It gives you a better experience as a player. You gradually learn the demeanours of all the characters and learn their behavior as a person. It lets you have a one on one connection with this quad-characters in the relationship.


You can more than double the amount of time it takes to finish the story and still have plenty of worthwhile adventures calling for your attention.

Score: 8/10


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The new combat system is more action-oriented, but still surprisingly tactical, while the new focus on open-world exploration brings the game and its world to life.

Score: 4/5


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Final Fantasy 15 can be baffling in some of its questionable choices, but across the board, it hits more than it misses.

Score: 9/10


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Even when it falters, it’s never dull, the humanity of its heroes and the warmth of its world shining through even when its story leaves you cold.

Score: 4.5/5


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If you loathe JRPGs, XV is not going to make you a believer.

Score: 9/10


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Average Score

Conclusion: Final Fantasy XV has everything that a modern fan would like. Although there are a few turns that blur and some fights that are chaotic, this game has so much goodness in it. If you’re a fan, you shouldn’t miss it and if you’re a first timer, you must give it a try.

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