Far Cry 5 is the first-person open-world shooter that everyone is talking about these days. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. It is built upon the same formula that has brought much success to the previous titles in the series- A big open and exotic world, a crazy villain and lots of action. In fact, Far Cry 5 is the fastest selling title in the franchise history. It is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It looks extra special on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X. But is it as good as the insane world of Far Cry 3 or the exotic setting of Far Cry 4? Let’s find out!

A Beautiful Open World offered by Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 brings you to the fictional town Hope County, Montana- home to a fanatic Cult known as Eden’s Gate. It is governed by Joseph Seed, the main antagonist of the game and his siblings, known as the Heralds

Hope County, Montana may not be as exotic as the Kyrat, Himalayas, but it certainly poses a tough challenge in terms of the activities and indulgence.

The world of Far Cry 5 is gigantic, to say the least. The world is so big and beautiful that you’ll be tempted to explore instead of playing the main quest. And that wasn’t enough, it is filled with a ridiculous amount of side missions and other activities such as fishing. These side quests may not be interesting as the side quests of The Witcher 3, but they’re good enough to keep you endorsed in the game for hours.


As I had mentioned, the world of Far Cry 5 is huge and Ubisoft has left a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from American muscle cars, trucks, ATVs and even helicopters and aircraft, at our disposals. This time around, the helicopters and airplanes are much easy to come by as compared to the previous titles, as they come in pretty handy to explore the vastness of the game.

It is highly recommended to be airborne and take the scenic route if you’ve got to travel over long distances. The enormous open world is destructive as well. Perhaps not as destructive as Just Cause 3 or Crackdown games, but you can rain chaos upon the world from a helicopter and witness the scenic blasts as you take down an outpost. Moreover, the “YES” sign on the hills, similar to the “Hollywood” sign is destructible as well. As soon as you start ripping apart that sign, a side quest called “No means No” begins which are completed upon fully destroying that sign.

A Quick note: In order to clear off the fog from the map and discover new areas, you must drive or walk into the area, rather than just flying into it.

Far Cry 5 – A Chaotic Story

I’ll try to sum up the story of Far Cry 5 with least spoilers. Moreover, there’ll be no major spoilers at all.

Joseph Seed, a cult leader has risen to prominence and taken over Hope County. He is backed up by his three siblings known as ‘The Heralds’. Each Herald has a unique personality and governs a certain piece of land in Hope County, which is as unique as him or her. You must dispose these three before confronting Joseph Seed himself.

The best thing about Far Cry 5 is the fact that it does not force you to deal with ‘The Heralds’ in a fixed chronological order. Instead, you can deal with them in any order that suits you.

Out of the three, I found Faith Seed, the only female antagonist, to be the most peculiar and interesting among the bunch. Her main weapon is a drug called ‘Bliss’ which causes a hallucination on its victims. The result of these hallucinations is delightful visual sequences that are quite memorable.

I must agree that I’m disappointed by the character of Joseph Seed, the main antagonist of Far Cry 5. In the past, the Far Cry villains had the tendency to be most peculiar, distinct and memorable characters. The actions and dialogues of Vaas Montenegro and Pagan Min have made an impression on my mind that can never ever be faded away. But Seed’s character is plain and blanch. He has not even a single memorable dialogue. He isn’t memorable.

Yet, in all the chaos ramping around, the main story does manage to keep you gripped. I’m happy to say that Far Cry 5’s main story is meaningful and offers a feeling of content once you finish it off.

An Engaging Gameplay

The Gameplay of Far Cry 5 is engaging absorbing. Even after finishing up the sixteen-hour main story, there are tons side quest and undiscovered area that’ll keep you hooked for at least another fifteen hours or so. It is safe to say that you’ll rarely come across a repetitive mission. And even those which you come across will probably be a side quest.

It is safe to say that Far Cry 5 retains the signature Far Cry gameplay, which is quirky and quite fun to play. As always, you can go low in stealth or pour hell upon your enemy by heavy fire, the choice is yours to make.

Moreover, for the first time ever in the history of the franchise, Far Cry 5 offers an option to customise the character. You can choose the gender, appearance and clothes of the protagonist. Most of these character customisations are changed even after you start playing the game.

Far Cry 5 offers a wide array of weapon. You can pick the weapons that best suit your play style. A huge selection cosmetic and functional upgrades are available for almost all the weapons.

Another new aspect of gameplay is the arcade mode, which allows players to make their own levels. It is supposed to engage players even after they’ve finished the game. But at the moment, there isn’t much you can do if you wish to play levels generated by the community.


There is one gameplay element that I do not like at all- microtransactions. Microtransactions are becoming more common each passing day and finding their way even into single player games. You use your hard earned money to buy silver bars in Far Cry 5. These silver bars can be used to purchase weapons and outfits. Most of these upgrades are purely cosmetic, so they do not really affect your gameplay.

Yet, all things are done and said, I’m happy that these microtransactions are not necessary in order to complete the Far Cry 4. Neither is the game pay-to-win. But then again, there are some special and rare outfits that can only be unlocked by paying real money.

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Don’t Go Alone in Far Cry 5

History is the witness to fact that the protagonists of Far Cry games are often a one-man army. But this time around, things have changed. There are two major changes in Far Cry 5 in regards to solo gameplay. Firstly, the whole game can be played in Co-op mode. Secondly, there is new feature known as ‘Guns for Hire.’

Let’s talk about the Co-op first. For the first time ever in the history of the franchise, you can complete the whole game in co-op mode with a friend, including all the story missions. But in reality, that isn’t as good as it sounds. Firstly, the story progression will only take place for the host. Say if your friend invites you over to join a play session and you play a couple of story quests, you’ll have done them again in your own game. However, you will retain any weapons or money you earned in the co-op session. Secondly, only the host can command the ‘Guns for Hire’.

This brings me to the more interesting part of the gameplay, ‘Guns for Hire’. It is essentially a group of people (or animals) you can recruit to fight alongside you. There are a total of nine ‘Guns for Hire’ in Far Cry 5, three of these are animals (known as Fangs for Hire) and the rest are humans. You can unlock these by completing special missions. Each one has its own special ability. A point to be noted, you can only use one ‘Guns for Hire’ at a moment. Let’s take a look at some them.

  • Nick Rye: Nick uses his plane to provide air support.
  • Grace Armstrong: Grace is a snipper.
  • Cheeseburger: Cheeseburger is literally a bear that will march into battle with you.
  • Hurk Drubman Jr: Hurk an RPG specialist who can take down enemy vehicles.
  • Jess Black: Jess is a stealth assassin.
  • Peaches: Peach is a big cat who comes in handy if you’re going low.
  • Sharky Boshaw: Sharky specialises in explosions.
  • Adelaide Drubman: Adelaide uses her helicopter to provide air support.
  • Boomer: Boomer is my favourite one. He is a canine who’ll fetch weapons for you and heal you if you get down in battle.
Far Cry 5 Review - A Game with an Unmemorable Villain
Verdict: Far Cry 5 is a gorgeous open world with hours to dwell in. It is filled with exciting activities and missions. The game tries to be both serious and light-hearted at once and succeeds to do so more than often. The only reasons that it is not a 100/100 is its comparatively weak story and an unmemorable villain. Far Cry 5 is a solid 90/100. I will recommend this game to anyone who likes action-adventure games, RPGs and First Person Shooters.
  • Vast open world
  • Tons of stuff to do
  • Organic Quests and Beautiful Graphics
  • Story could’ve been better
  • Unmemorable villain
76%Average Score
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