On 29th of May, Bethesda Game Studios tweeted a gif on their twitter handle. ‘PLEASE STAND BY’ it read in a style which had become characteristic of the Fallout series. The next day, on 30th May, they released a trailer for Fallout 76. The trailer did not reveal much, in fact, it was a sort of invitation to tune-in to Bethesda’s E3 showcase on Sunday, June 10 6:30 PM PT. However, some details and speculations can be made out of the trailer. Here are a few.

Fallout 76 Teaser Trailer

Fallout Vault 76

The title, ‘Fallout 76’ is inspired by the Vault 76, which found a mention in both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Similarly, ‘Fallout 4’ featured vault 111. Vault 76 is located somewhere in the Washington DC, which could probably be the setting of Fallout 76. All the vaults in the Fallout universe are not just a nuclear shelter, but also an experiment on its residents. The vault 76 is one of the 17 ‘control’ vaults, which overlooks the experiments of all the other vaults.

Fallout 76 Setting and Premise

Vault 76 was meant to open mere 20 years after the nuclear war had stopped. The Vault 111 was opened 200 years after the fighting had stopped. This means that the world you will discover will be much less settled as compared to the world you discovered in the previous Fallout titles. The narrator, at one point in the trailer, says “When the fighting is stopped, and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild.” Perhaps the game will focus more on world and base building, gathering settlers and defending your base will be an important aspect of the game.

Fallout 76 An online Survival RPG

The trailer emphasis on something called ‘Reclamation Day’, the memorial day when the survivors of war emerged from the vaults to reclaim the land. This leads to a speculation of an online world.

Sources have confirmed that Fallout 76 was originally meant to be the online version of Fallout 4, but the game has evolved over the years and now will be a stand-alone online survival title. It will be similar to the titles such as Rust and DayZ. Also, since base building and defending will be an important aspect of the game, it is also possible that there will be raids. Raids in which one team attacks another settlement to raid their resources, and they may be even intercepted by yet another team.

Other details and speculations of Fallout 76

1. At the beginning of the trailer, a colored television was showcased. Even the ‘PLEASE STAND BY’ gif was colored. You may not find this as a big deal until you realize that all the previous titles of the game had black and white televisions. This could mean that the game is set in far future of the nuclear wasteland.

2. There have been 5 pip-boys in the series and this one looks totally different. The pip-boy in Fallout 76 is bulky and seems more functional.

3. The studio has confirmed that the game will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There is no official word about Nintendo switch yet.

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