Detroit: Become Human is developed by Quantic Dreams, a studio notoriously famous for their heavily story driven games which feature dramatic cinematography, mature themes and choices that actually impact the way the story turns out. Quantic Dreams is known for games like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and now Detroit: Become

Detroit: Become Human is a PS4 exclusive. It also takes the full advantage of the PS4 PRO’s advanced hardware capabilities to render a beautiful dystopian Detroit in 4K Ultra HD. The game is a fine addition to PS4’s already amazing exclusive line-up. It’s also worth noting that PS4 has already had a major exclusive title earlier this year; God of War, whose review you can check out on our website. The exclusive line-up is set to even better, thanks to the upcoming titles such as The Last of Us Part II, Spyro Reboot Death Stranding and Spiderman.

Detroit: Become Human Settings

Detroit: Become Human takes place in near future dystopian Detroit, where humans have developed natural and humanoid robots called Androids. These Androids are not clueless robots, but smart folks who look realistically human and are capable of thinking logically and even feeling. However, it’s been fed into their DNA that they are inferior to humans and must respect their owners in any condition. The citizens of Detroit use these Androids for their household works and personal assistance.

Unfortunately, Androids are treated as a 2nd class citizens in Detroit. You follow the journey of not one but three protagonists who lead the unfolding Android revolution as Androids began to see a world unmisted by their software and it’s only a matter of time they achieve consciously.

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Detroit: Become Human – An Unchallenging-difficult Gameplay

Quantic Dreams’ games have a similar style of gameplay and Detroit: Become Human is no exception. The gameplay in itself is not challenging, like dark souls or cup head. All you do is walk around, gather clues or interact with your surroundings by pressing some certain buttons. Once you’re-engaged in an interaction with another person/android, your gameplay becomes dialogue based. Certain dialogue options will be locked and unlocked based on your activities prior to engaging in the conversation. All the decisions you make will have a severely hefty effect on the outcome, and eventually the ending, of the game.

Moreover, some decisions you make might trigger a QTE or a Quick Time Event where you’ll have to press the prompt button in order to succeed. The only real challenge presented by the game is to be fast and prompt since many of the dialogue options also have a timer.

Detroit: Become Human is divided into dozens of chapters, each 10-20 minute long (or even longer) depending on your playstyle. Each chapter presenting literally hundreds of choices- each testing your moral compass against your respect to the system and laws. All the choices, even those you think are minor or useless, have a very deep impact on the story. The choices you make gradually add up, resulting in huge turns and twists that may even include premature character deaths, nobody is safe. As a result, the chances of two players experiencing a chapter, in the same way, is minimal, and impossible if you talk about the whole game.

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All in all, there are so many choices and outcomes that one playthrough of the game is not enough. Each playthrough longs around 10 hours and you need to play the game at 6-7 times to witness the majority of the outcomes, yet there’ll some dialogue options and sequences that you’ll still miss. Thus, the game offers great replayability value.
At the end of each chapter, you are also presented with a flowchart of dialogues that presents how the chapter would’ve turned out if you’ve made alternate choices. This may be seen as a great move by some players, but it ruins the playability for the others. All comes down to the player to see it as a bug or a feature.

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Detroit: Become Human – An expansive Story

Detroit: Become Human’s main story revolves around just one central idea- What happens when Android fight for their freedom. The theme being Android Equality. That sums up the basic concepts. The minor details of the story entirely depend upon the choices you make, that’s how impressive the story is. Detroit: Become Human features three lead characters- Kara, Connor, and Markus.

Each of the three playable characters has different traits and features, unique to them. You experience the whole game from the perspective of the three androids, but you cannot switch between them on your free will, as in GTA V or Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Every chapter features one of the three androids and a story crafted around

Connor is the first android that will greet you in what is supposed to be the prologue of the game. Connor is smart police detective android. He is an assistant to Hank, a veterinary police detective. Hank, a rough man, doesn’t like Connor’s company due to his prejudices against androids but is forced to work with an android on the department’s order. Your actions, dialogues, and interactions with Hank describe the relation between the two. It can cherish a good friendship or end up in hateful vengeance where one might end up killing the other.

Kara is a housekeeper android that belongs to a drug-addicted and abusive man. Kara’s main responsibility, in addition to managing the Home, is looking after Alice, the drug addict‘s daughter. But when the situations worsen, Kara makes a run along with Alice. Unfortunately, she is naive and finds herself and the girl often in danger. The choices you make will decide the relationship between Kara and Alice, their journey and adventures. If you make the wrong choices, you can end up killing either one or both of them.

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Lastly, there is Markus, the pivotal character of the game. He lives the most comfortable living at the beginning of the game. He is an assistant to an old and humble painter, who treats the android as his own sun. On the other hand, the painter’s real son is a complete jerk who does not like his father and Markus and interferes in their life for the
worse. This is when the main plot comes into the picture: Android Equality.

Markus leads the movement as he, somehow, gained superpowers. Markus’s story is, more or less, the central theme and is comparatively less affected by the choices you make in the long run. In case of Connor, you can play as a good cop or a bad cop. But Kara’s story is most personal and intimate. While it does not affect the bigger picture, i.e., android equality, her adventures with Alice provide some of the most emotional scenes in the game.

However, everything is not perfect. There are plot holes in the story, along with several clumsy dialogues. Sometimes, when you’re trying to act mean, the result turns out to be sympathetic while when you’re trying to be a nice guy, you ignite the fury of your fellows.

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Detroit: Become Human – A linear but pretty world

The world of Detroit: Become Human is straight and linear, just like Quantic Dreams’ other games. However, it is very well crafted with much attention to the detail. The androids’ misery when they are sold or segregated is visible through minute expressions. Although you can’t free roam, you can marvel at graffiti in an abandoned basketball court or pity dozens of discarded androids in a basement. There is an also a remarkable sci-fi theme, which I found somewhat similar to Altered Carbon in terms of the design elements.

Then there are the graphics. You might have guessed that the world is pretty based on the previous paragraph. But the characters are even better and more realistic. Quantic Dreams have advanced motion capture technology which they use fabulously. The details of each character’s faces, including facial hair, scars, imperfections, blemishes,
moles, etc are remarkable. I felt as if the character’s the game didn’t need to say a word to express their feelings. They could do it solely via their expressions. But if you wish to enjoy the full graphics capabilities of the game, you’ll have to step up to a PS4 PRO accompanied by a 4K Ultra HD tv.

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Detroit: Become Human Review - Excellent Sci-fi Drama
Detroit: Become human is an excellent sci-fi drama wrapped into a game. The game does proper justice to the word sci-fi with its futuristic settings, yet emotional balance. There are tons of choices that will significantly affect the outcome of the game. But at some places, especially in Connor's investigative sessions, the story felt a bit weak. The gameplay also felt 'too simple' at some spots due to QTE. Also, the flowchart at the end of each chapter defining various outcomes may spoil you replays of the game. But overall, it is a pretty good game that is definitely worth your while. It earns a solid score.
  • Choices that actually make a difference
  • Interesting sci-fi setting
  • Excellent graphics
  • Gameplay feels too simple at times
  • Flowchart may ruin replayability
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