Dead by Daylight is a survival horror game, where you are trapped in an enclosed forest area at night along with four other people. There are two options available to you when it comes to achieving your main goal of escaping the enclosed area.

First is that you can have the large metal door opened for you by activating all the generators. The other option is to use a trapdoor to escape. It’s, however, very difficult to find the randomly changing location of this door. So, here are a few tips to escape the forest in Dead By Daylight:


Tip #1 – Hide

It is advisable to remain out of sight of the Killer and avoid making any sound or leaving behind a trail. But if you have nowhere to hide when the Killer is nearby, simply run as fast as you can. Hide behind the brick wall if you or your mate indeed manages to open the exit until your teammate comes out safely. Also, make use of the environment in Dead by Daylight and throw objects which will stun the killer. Even if only one of the four teammates is still alive towards to end, quickly look for the exit and try to open it before the Killer spots you.

Tip #2 – Use Bear Traps

The bear traps are very useful when a trapper gets caught. You can free any survivor from the Killer with these. You can get back into the game by running around and hitting the Killer in order to shake him away from the trail. Save your health for the final moments of glory when you actually manage to trace one of the exits and open it for you and your teammates who are still with you.

Tip #3 – Find the Trapper

Find out who has trapped you and the other mates. Identify the killer or make out who is the killer by hearing other indicators. Since you are trapped in an enclosed forest area in Dead By Daylight, you need to know everything about how you can escape.

Tip #4 – Do not go to the Basement

You should stay away from the basement if you are about to get attacked by the Killer. The best thing to do is to find out everything about your surroundings whenever you get a chance. Stop all your activities when you start hearing your heartbeats because it means the killer is nearby. If you are unhooking someone or are busy in some repairing stop whatever you are doing and move away from the spot as soon as possible.

Tip #5 – Avoid Making Any Sound

The slightest sound of sprinting to the window or cabinet or whimpering when you are in pain can alert the Killer about your location, especially when the Killer is nearby. So make sure you make no such noise to stay safe from the clutches of the Killer. Also, always be alert and listen to every sound very carefully to know what’s happening around


Quick Note on Dead by Daylight Collectibles

Find out everything about the collectible items you find during your journey of survival against the Killer in the enclosed forest area that you collect from the chest and use as a Buff. You need to know which ones are the most useful and which ones are their buffs. Accordingly, you can decide which ones can be used in your Dead by Daylight gameplay.

Tip #6 – Don’t Make Haste

Always take cover whenever you are in danger of being exposed to the Killer instead of being rash and running helter-skelter. Be careful about your whimpers or the trail of your blood when you are injured so that the killer is not alerted about your location. Don’t panic without any reason or even if when the killer has seen you. Just wait for the right moment and make an appropriate move. You will certainly win if you follow the recommendations made in this guide. This, avoid making quick decisions when you are scared. Take your time, consider all your options carefully when you are calm, do not hesitate to take an environmental cover like a patch of Tallgrass.

Quick Note on Dead by Daylight Toolbox

You can sabotage any hook other than a basement hook if you have the Toolbox. So grab it at the first opportunity. The killer will be forced to walk away and won’t be able to hook any of your mates on the surface if you have enough charges. Also, don’t do anything until you start bleeding if you are caught because you get 5%
chance of escaping every time you bleed. If you choose to act before that, your team will be left with less time to rescue other teammates. The killer will be allowed to go on a hunt to take you guys down.

Tip #7 – Save One Person

The killer in Dead by Daylight will sometime try to lure more people at a particular spot rather than being content with one kill. You should be able to foil the designs of the killer when he leaves the area without hooking his victim probably to come back later and find more victims on the spot. So keep this in mind that you can’t save all the victims every time. You will have to escape as soon as possible. Do not waste your valuable time in unhooking everyone so that you don’t end up being caught yourself.

Tip #8 – Avoid Hiding in Closets

You can get caught in a tricky situation if you decide to hide inside one of the closets. Especially the one close to the generator as the Killer habitually checks the closed areas more diligently.

Be a Team Player

Act as a team in Dead by Daylight. Help each other because everyone is equally scared and in need of help to survive. Make sure everyone is safe and help those who are caught by the killer in time. Stay close and work together to complete the tasks like repairing the generators or unhooking your trapped mates. Never attack the Killer first, let him approach you guys first and then make your next move.