The Call of Duty Modern Warfare game is a violent attack over its earlier version. The team at the Raven Software has not only developed its new version but has put a soul into it. Here’s a review of it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gameplay

In this game, you need to battle against a rogue enemy group across the globe from the Eastern Europe to rural Russia to the Middle East using superior firepower weapons, air strikes, and much more.  The missions like “All Ghilled Up”, “Mile High Club”, and “Crew Experience” renders an intoxicating experience to the players. The game characters (Sgt John “Soap”, Mac Tavish, Capt John) makes you feel transported to a world where the defeat of the enemy is the only way to survive.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Features

The standalone features of the game include new textures, dynamic HDR lightning, 3D effects, absorbing animation and the real environmental touches. The plain vanilla settings have been given extra details to bring it at par with its contemporaries. Though the core of the game still remains the same and you still need to unlock the weapons, equipment, to get started.

What do you need to do in this game?

In this game, the player needs to sneak through the night missions, take on the snipping section, hop on the loaded gun for shooting, rescue the comrades, assassinate the targets, fight different mission  and do a lot of running to combat the enemies or traitors. It is actually an aggressive game where the players have to raise swords to win it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Challenges

Though Raven Software has introduced a lot of changes to make this campaign fresh and lively, but still there are some unfriendly spikes. These are those that a player has to overcome like insufficient directions, too much directions. And enemies who are eager to run into the line of fire, but nothing is worth distracting. The carefully constructed maps (max of 10) and missions give the player an infinitely great experience.

The modern Call of Duty game is addictive and bombastic. The modern warfare remastered is a bit chaotic and explosive.  If that’s not all, the game lacks progression and is slower in different aspects. The remastered game doesn’t bring much to the table. It misses the developer commentaries that add liveliness to the otherwise dreary game.



COD - Modern Warfare Remastered Review
To put it simply, the modern warfare game doesn’t look like a modern fast paced game- though the combat features and action story of the game gives it a timeless appeal, but the lack of progression reveals its true age. You cannot call it as an outdated game as the developer has made considerable efforts to improve its look and texture. Even they have added Multi-player options along with graphics update to give an immersive experience, but still it remains” old wine in a new bottle game”.    In the end, we would like to conclude that though this game might not have been able to garner the same effect as it did earlier, but it has an ability to hook the players.
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