Clash of Clans is a real-time strategy game that pits a number of players or a “clan” against each other. The social element of the game is very addictive and you’ll have to double down and reconsider attacking a base in light of their allies or if your allies are capable of taking them on.

Pros of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans or more charmingly known as CoC, is highly addictive and engaging. The interface and art is gorgeous and maintains a very cartoon-like style of design. The world is very vibrant on top of being functional with its interface design.

A large part of the appeal comes from the immersive gameplay in which decisions are not only based on what you, as a player, decide to do, but also the decision of other players that are within the same clan. That means this game has a very MMO type feel to it. CoC successfully engages players by giving them total control over their troops and to strategically fight against both AI and human controlled armies.

Multiplayer is a huge part of this game and is what gives the feeling of actually commanding an army and defending or attacking another group based on the whole clan’s decision and not just your own. In this game, you not only have to be smart, you also have to be patient. Always looking out for the army that you lead.

If you like games like Farmville, then this game is a definite steal as long as you’re patient enough to wait for your resources to accumulate.

You don’t have to invest hours and hours of grind. – User

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Well-calibrated match-making system ensure you’ll never grow too frustrated or bored. – PocketGamer

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You will quickly find your new favorite game in Clash of Clans. – AndroidPit

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The option to fight against NPC goblins gives Clash of Clans a small edge over similar strategy games. – Gamezebo

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Cons of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans uses the “freemium” model type. Meaning it’s playable without spending a dime. But you can get some nice benefits if you do spend a few dollars. I mean this is one of those games that feel very pay-to-win. Resources take a long time to stack before you can build again. Sadly, the only way to play this game in a fast-paced environment is to spend real money on it.

While the graphics are vibrant and beautiful, this game remains largely in 2D which can be an issue for some people who are picky about the graphics of the games they’re playing. Personally, I have issues with games that show a different art style on their commercials and in-game.

Another big blow to this game is that if you’re not part of a clan, then it gets very boring real fast. If you’re the type of player who’s a lone wolf, then don’t expect to enjoy this game anytime soon. Even if you’re not the solo-type, you may be hard-pressed to find a strong and exciting clan because they’ll only accept the best players.

Clash of Clans Review - Highly Addictive and Engaging
Clash of Clans is a great game for those who are looking to play a cross between real-time strategy and a simulator. Patience is key in this game though, as you’ll be hard-pressed to stock resources as time goes on and you can go for weeks without upgrading anything. Unless, of course, you spend some dollars to move things along. While this is a great game for multiplayer and strategy, it isn’t for those who are lone wolves and prefer to keep to themselves.
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