Call of Duty WWII Review – Hits the Bull’s-Eyes for Hardcore COD Fans

Call of Duty WII

With the new installment of Call of Duty WWII, it’s safe to say that the developers have made the right choices to offer a fast-paced rendition in the classic setting of world war 2, though it’s not seamless and pops noticeable signs of being flawed, it is a much-awaited treat.

The franchise is known for its great multiplayer mode and good campaigns, though it’s marred with inconsistencies and minor flaws, this again hits the bull’s-eyes and fulfills craving curves for all the hardcore COD fans. It might not become a new restore point to the ever-popular COD series, but it would settle the hyper- fans, for now, who were looking for its 2017’s upgrade.

Setup and Gameplay for Call of Duty WWII

The setting of 1944 Europe is a stimulating and relatable experience, which is a step ahead of futuristic shooter games, and to accommodate the realism, it loses a bit of its speed and technology. This requires players to have more patience and fight and behave like an actual army, which is again a fun experience.

COD WW2 has a strong gameplay. You’d love every minute you’ll invest in this game. It has a new multiplayer mode, WAR, which features its own sets of uniqueness. But how it makes it better is by letting you play the mode from both the sides.

Each mode has newer and more enjoyable operations. Even operations have open maps, which provides greater flexibility to the game. Like the previous version of COD WW2, it offers us a Nazi Zombie in a dense puzzling setting which is fun to crack. The multiplayer mode in the game has nine regular maps in total with one exclusive map. This game also features 3 other unique maps for War mode, not to forget that most of the maps feel the same in terms of design, but that’s a good thing. This installment of the series has everything you’d expect from a great Call of Duty game, with little minor glitches.

The Good and Bad

The part that irritates is its slow loading of weapons and attachments with various items in its models and textures. The similar issue is felt while loading the game that spoils the experience of COD WWII as a game. You often do not expect these minor issues from a game of this repute. Of course, that once you get in and get to the gameplay, it’s a smooth experience.

One of the refreshing aspects of this COD is that it has introduced the player of all races, and yes, women too. It’s good to see both the genders and all the races hanging out in the same headquarter—a good inclusive touch, we’d say.


While the handling isn’t always deep or subtle, you get some smaller, more surprising moments where Sledgehammer reaches for something more.

Score:4 / 5


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Zombies rounds off this stellar return to form, effectively blending the ferocity of online cooperative play with the goal-driven satisfaction of found in the campaign.

Score:9 / 10


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Honestly though, just go play Killing Floor 2 if this is your jam.

Score:70 / 100


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Taking the action back to its roots was a smart move, and Sledgehammer has created something quite special in the process.

Score:4 / 5


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It’s fit to burst with modes and unlocks, but the star of WWII really is the back-to-basics combat.

Score:4 / 5


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Average Score

​Conclusion: COD WWII offers a fun world to experience. It’s surprisingly a fast-paced run in a newer unknown world. Be its Dooms Day landing or when you face undead Nazi zombies or the several stages of the competitive battlefield. It’s throughout a treat to your eyes and heart. This part of COD offers campaign based on a personal story, and that’s a thrilling experience too. However, you could be frustrated by small multiplayer maps. That said, the new multiplayer mode itself would alleviate many of your disappointments. If we must pick a single most loved feature of COD2, it would be its puzzle-like tasks in Nazi Zombies creepy setting.

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