About Us

Newsarbiter.com is back after a short break, to give you latest updates about the things you love! Feel free to get in touch with us via the Contact Us page!

What will I find on Newsarbiter?

On Newsarbiter.com you will find reviews for video games which run on multiple platforms like PC, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

We have a team of game reviewers who write quick/short reviews for games they play.

How is Newsarbiter different from others?

Along with original first hand reviews, we collect review scores from top 3 to 5 game review websites. We calculate these scores in terms of 100 and give you One final Score for a specific game.

How does “Five Reviews, One Score” benefit me?

One final Score which you see has been calculated from Five of the best people who reviewed the game. Through this One Score you will be able to decide if you want to buy that game or not.

Plus, we have links to all those pages whos scores we have collected. You can simply visit a perticular link to read their entire review for the nitty gritties.


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