If you’re into endless runners, chances are you’ve played the original Temple Run. It is, after all, the most well-known endless runner game on the mobile platform. Now if you’re a fan of Temple Run, then you’ve definitely heard of its sequel, Temple Run 2.

Temple Run 2 Pros

Massive update on the game graphics. The original Temple Run was very lacking in this department, and looked very dated despite the available technology on the year that it released. Temple Run 2 bumps it up a notch and delivers a more vibrant and detailed world on top of the mesh and environment overhaul.

The monsters that chase you have also been reduced to one instead of the original group, albeit he’s been made a lot larger and more muscular than the original monsters.

Temple Run 2 also runs smoother and with fewer stutters and framerate issues. You’ll see chops every now and then, but it’s definitely a massive improvement over the first game. The controls remain the same as the previous version, though thanks to the performance improvement, it feels a lot smoother and responsive.

There’s also a new map and it brings new gameplay elements, which are presented in the form of a more organic running route. The paths now dip, elevate and curve, a design choice that made the game feel natural and harder to predict what’s on the next corner.

This sequel is sure to delight. – TrustedReviews

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Temple Run is still a breathlessly exciting game. – Telegraph.co.uk

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Will keep this on my device easily within thumb’s reach for a long time to come. – TouchArcade

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Imangi could have chosen a different road to run down with Temple Run 2. – PocketGamer

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Temple Run 2 is just as fun and addictive as its predecessor. – PCMag

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Temple Run 2 Cons

Much like other freemium games, Temple Run 2 doesn’t come without its share of pitfalls when it comes to making money. This game is a pay-to-win game at its very essence. Gems can literally boost you all the way to the top.

The game’s gem currency is even more apparent on the second game as you need to upgrade your skills with them and that’s on top of being able to continue where you left off if you pay a gem for it. The more you revive, the higher the gem cost necessary to continue.

The upgraded graphics also didn’t come without its share of issues. The game will constantly lag if you receive any form of notification on your mobile phone. On top of that, there are some pretty heavy stutters when you play on older devices.

There really wasn’t much changed from the first game. A couple of improvements were made here and there, but there’s nothing that warrants this game to be called a sequel. It feels more like a graphics update than anything else.

The Bottom Line

If you tried the first game and you didn’t enjoy it, don’t expect this sequel to change your mind. The graphics have been updated tremendously, but that came at a price for those using older model mobile phones.

It’s still a good casual game and a great way to pass the time, but not if you’re a competitive person who aims to get into the ranking without spending any cash.

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Temple Run 2 Review - Massive Graphics Update
The game has become very greedy in terms of selling gems. Not only are they the only means for you to upgrade your special skill, they’re also used to revive you mid-run. Something that’s arguably very free-to-play unfriendly as this allows paying users to easily top the leader-board if they pay enough cash to keep reviving.
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