This long-standing franchise of one of the most famous arcade games in the world is back with its 2017th chapter, Tekken 7. Its impressive console ports and astounding complexity is the other reason for its insane popularity. Having said that, this can be played by anyone who is willing to move his hand around and mash those buttons.
Tekken 7 doesn’t disappoint and gives out a range of customization that stands out, and constantly reminds you that there are more things to do with this game than just completing its story, which again, like its other stories, is a cliché.

Tekken 7 Launch Trailer

It has been a good year for fighting games with a new chapter out from all the top franchises; Street fighter 5 is out, Injustice 2 is amazing at its core, Killer instinct with its quality content and finally, Guilty Gear Xrd—the king of the fist tournament.

The game has its biggest rewarding system based on, beyond unlocking and customization, how good you get at the gameplay. While for the first time it would feel familiar to its predecessors, the real change comes in the form of nuance tricks and character-specific customization. Tekken 7 has kept his long-held tradition of delivering a tight hard-hitting fighting game, but with that, this time it’s much more in the package.

Tekken 7 Gameplay

Tekken 7 during the server-mode, although rarely, lacks stability that doesn’t stop it from coming out as a great sequel. We wouldn’t shy away to give it the tag of one of the best fighting games of 2017. The game has played with its core strength and made sure it utilizes lateral movements and space during the combat. It still lies upon character’s margin of error to let the opponent kick, punch and grapple till the end. A sloppy movement can cost you a match, even if it’s against a less skilled player—that’s the wonder of Tekken 7. It still has its set of long combo strings, which again is the part of its tradition. This is where entire fan base could switch from the last to this, without ever struggling to figure out character-specific techniques.

The Downside of Tekken 7

The biggest curved corner of Tekken 7 is its inability to appropriately explain the character-specific techniques, which often runs down to over 100 items. This doesn’t mean that this game is too complex to understand, that would be an illogical complaint, but if you’re a new player, you’ll have to spare hours before you get familiar with a new character.

Somewhere, Tekken 7 lacks the chain of instructions that other fighting games have well incorporated in their gameplay. This gives out the impression that Tekken doesn’t care much about his newer unfamiliar fans.

“Unstable servers make it difficult to find ranked matches online.” – GameSpot

Score: 8 / 10

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“There’s plenty to enjoy from the deep, rewarding and varied roster of characters.” – TrustedReviews

Score: 4 / 5

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“There is no mouse support and keyboard controls are terrible.” – PCGamer

Score: 79 / 100

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“Tekken 7’s unforgettable characters and fluid fights are worth the work.” – Polygon

Score: 8 / 10

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“Brilliant roster of diverse characters, engaging story mode, tonnes of archive material.” – Wired

Score: 9 / 10

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Tekken 7 Review - Astounding Complexity Is why Its Popular
Apart from 1 or two problems, which Is always presents in every game if you look too closely, it’s safe to announce Tekken 7 as the hallmark of all the fighting games. Its soundtracks are again a new set of ear candy, and its attention to details makes it the best fighting game of 2017, yet.
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