When the mobile gaming market boomed, endless runners became one of the biggest genres in it. Subway Surfers is one of the biggest game within that genre and is primarily geared towards younger gamers, but adults can join in the fun too.

Subway Surfers Pros

It is an endless runner game and the map design is great on this one. The primary goal of the game is to not be caught by cops. Cops are hot on your trail. What makes this endless runner interesting is the use of special boosters like Jetpacks and hover boards.

Controls are very easy to pick-up and are not clunky. They’re the same as most types of 3D runners with the swipe up, down, left and right, plus the addition of double tap in order to use boosters that you obtain along the way.

Gameplay is fun, light and exciting, but still somewhat challenging. The majority of road blocks are easy enough to dodge, but can sometimes catch you off guard, in which case you only have yourself to blame if you get hit. A very big plus for this game is that it’s very fun to play without the need to spend money.

Coins are easy enough to obtain without swiping your credit card. Meaning you can upgrade and progress easily by just constantly playing it. The graphics, while not record-breaking, are not bad for a mobile game.

Subway Surfers Characters and Environments

The characters and environment are well detailed and would be the equivalent of a PlayStation 2 or Xbox era game. Although the design may not appeal to everyone since it’s very cartoon-like. Upgrades are well designed as they not only help you dodge a myriad of obstacles, but also magnetize coins so you don’t have to pass directly through them to collect them.

Much like a majority of endless runners, Subway Surfers add mini objectives on every run. Small missions that give both flavor and added rewards each time you run and daily quests that changes, as the name suggests, every day.

A very respectable asset about this game is that it isn’t money hungry. You can enjoy and unlock most of the content without spending a single dime. So, if you’re sick of all the microtransaction intensive games, this one is definitely for you.

Isn’t innovative or the first of its kind, but Surfers does expand and evolve what we’ve come to know as the endless runner. – TouchArcade

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It’s an all-around polished and solid game that offers a lot of content. – AndroidGuys

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Provides just about everything one could ask for. – Gamezebo

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Controls are top notch, bringing the free-flowing feeling of actually surfing the subway while staying as simple as can be. – JayisGames

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Subway Surfers Cons

While there are additional items to use in Subway Surfers, there really isn’t any innovation in the gameplay to help it stand out among the various other endless runner games. If you’ve recently gotten bored of another endless runner, then don’t look to Subway Suffers for inspiration. Or expect it to be an all-new experience.

Some characters require you to open loot boxes in order to unlock them. While loot boxes may not cost you real cash, it’s still frustrating to have to open a lot of them. That too just to unlock a few characters.

It has some framerate issues, though this might depend on the device that you’re using. Still, the graphics are not high-end enough to warrant an extremely powerful mobile phone.

Subway Surfers Review - An Exciting Runner
Subway Surfer is a solid game that boasts both good graphics and gameplay, note on good, not great. While there are some fun ideas that went into this game, it’s obvious that the developers didn’t really brainstorm on making any innovative changes to the endless runner genre.
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