SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition is addictive and dominating. Throughout the December, last year, Nintendo switch had added more than 50 games to the eShop. Still, none of these games had an outstanding performance. However, on 28th December, the tale turned and the world of games changed! You are wondering why? Well, Nintendo released SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition. It remains the most remarkable and fantastic game ever to hit the eShop. If you played SteamWorld Dig 2, you would merely give it a 10/10. Why? Because it’s worth and phenomenal.

SteamWorld Heist come explicitly packaged with DCL. You can, therefore, make a one-time payment and play it anywhere across the globe and at any time. As if that is not enough, SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition also supports touchscreen controls. It makes you play the entire game without a single touch of the buttons. We all agree it is an ordinary 2D action game. However, SteamWorld Heist plays on an entirely different level. It contains some of the exquisite elements that rely on the skills of the players. The tactical aspects show how you lead your workforce and how efficiently you can attack your enemies.

SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition suites a diverse team with various characters that suit different playstyles. The classes dictate the kind of guns used. The character ranges from grenade launchers to snipers to shotguns.  The game is designed with the ultimate knowledge that a well-balanced team is critical to any success.  Think about using demolitions team to overcome tenacious, focused squads of combats. The new characters share classes although each one of them owns quirks and unique personalities.

SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition Gameplay

In SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition you are the commander. You command robot pirates in some tactical shootouts. This strategy has an action twist. You will manually aim your weapons and pull off insane epic bullet shots! The Ultimate edition is optimized for Nintendo Switch. The game come with an ally, The Outsider and a shipload of weapons. More so, it contains hats, upgrades and missions – only available as DLC.

As the captain, once you board, you then loot and later pull epic shootouts through enemy spaceships. Upgrade your recruits with weapons, stylish hats, and abilities. This is the assured way of overcoming the challenges. Some of the key features include:

  • Deep and challenging for veterans
  • Kind to newcomers
  • It strategically focuses on skills rather than chances
  • Playtime: 15 – 20 hours
  • Procedurally generated levels

SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition Character, Currency and Weapons

For better performance, you are encouraged to rotate team members.  This is due to the award of points that are based on partaking given missions. Most characters climb the ladder after leveling them up a couple of times. Although you will be given stat boosts for health improvement, the real upgrades manifest in unique abilities. It helps in boosting character’s effectiveness and specific situations.

For example, Piper has exceptional ability to damage output of other characters surrounding her. Additionally, it offers her an option to heal them altogether. Another character is Billy. He can add some movements upon killing his enemies with a melee strike.  Every character becomes unique and agile as you develop them. It would be exciting to see them evolving with every upgrade. Ultimate Edition gives you the clear picture of the power of teamwork and empowerment of the characters. It might just be game, but it can take you a notch higher in real life leadership tactics.


Every mission at the SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition gets characterized by a series of swag bags. Upon completion of the task, these swag bags open. Most of them contain water, which is the game’s currency. Once they open, they take the shape of utilities or guns. These items you can distribute them to two of each character. Unwanted or surplus utilities can get sold off for water. After selling for water, you can, therefore, invest in various shops as you rummage through the journey to get better equipment that fits your able team.

SteamWorld Heist takes pride in a remarkable amount of content that is worth every penny. The epic story lasts for about 15-hours, and it consistently maintains a tremendous pace. When you couple compelling characters, sturdy weapons and stylish hats, you get an indomitable game that lasts you for long. Once you get used to a mission or a given enemy, the game throws a fantastic curveball to take things up a notch higher. It never gets boring!

SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition gives a constant encouragement of experimentation to keep you glued to the game. Various tactical options available boosts your abilities and possibilities.

An excellent game when it launched in 2015, and it’s still excellent today on the Switch. – Gamespace

Score: 8.5 / 10

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Completely different take on the SteamWorld series with a focus on turn-based strategic battles.  – Gearnuke

Score: 8.5 / 10

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Nails the feeling of thrill when you pull off that perfect shot. (However), main story mode went on for just a bit too long. – GlitchUp

Score: 4.3 / 5

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One of the most accessible games in the genre. – Cubed3

Score: 9 / 10

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Combat is engaging and the portability of the Switch pairs perfectly with the short missions.  – NintendoWorldReport

Score: 9.5 / 10

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SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition - Perfect on Nintendo Switch
SteamWorld is not only delighting but also charming. It is a fantastic game and fits perfectly for Nintendo Switch. Stylish, engaging and deep gameplay gives an exceptional indie of the century. The addictive progression will keep you hooked. Take a chance and experience this treasure.
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