Driven by a sense of adventure and thrill, Star Wars Battlefront has everything that a Star Wars fan would want in a game. It has combined original classic Battlefront and the essence of Star Wars in an imaginative and playful manner to evolve out in this magnificent gameplay.

What’s best about this game is its attention to detail, which easily makes it one of the best-looking games of this generation. Thanks to its modifiable setting, it gets better on the PC. It offers you improved lighting, cleaner textures and visual effects. It over-all gives you an incredible audio-visual experience, which is accompanied by John William’s original music.

Star Wars Battlefront Game Modes

Dice, the force behind this game, puts game’s great visuals to use and blends it with different mission wherever it’s possible. There are three modes to the game; Supremacy, Drop Zone and Walker Assault. All these modes are objective oriented and don’t fail to keep you engaged.

Drop Zone is a violent race that reward players for quick thinking. In this mode, every player adapts to its custom loadout which results into a beautiful chaos, which gets better if you add more players to the mode.

Supremacy is a combat between two teams of 20 players to control an outpost. The infantry combats in this mode go to a different level when you start taking heavy fire toward protected areas. To sum up this mode, it’s safe to say that their explosions are the best.

Walker Assault is a mix of both Supremacy and Drop Zone and still some more. With its loaded weapons, equipment, tactics, vehicles, tension, heroes; Walker Assault is an outstanding experience. In short, it has everything good that Battlefront has.


It is known that a great map can uplift a bad mode and that stands true for Star Wars Battlefront too. The 13 maps that are available to the gameplay, are mostly organised and planned, though a few feel absurd. Each map comes with its own beautiful environment that a Star Wars fan craves.

Most areas suffer from lack of hiding locations which lead to chaos at times. This frustration is amplified with the default nature of auto-aim consoles. Landmarks in these locations make them a memorable place, and the majority of them are an eye candy.

The other highlight is its ability for character customization. You can recover your health, build a land out, upgrade weapons, buy jets, and so many other things that only money can buy. We imply that Battlefront is definitely worth the spend.

While everything in Battlefront smells like a success, the survival mode stands out. It’s entertaining and appropriately rewards for the higher difficulty mode. There are several goodies too; extra armour, shields, jetpacks and stealth mode, to name a few.


​Conclusion: Star Wars Battlefront beautifully captures the essences of Star Wars. We couldn’t press that enough. Its spectacular combat sandbox and ability to harness the most exciting features of Star Wars is appreciable. It’s the top contender when comes to the visual experience, but at the same time, it lacks options in single-player modes. If we keep certain modes aside that are well built, the other half of the Battlefront is unfocused and unplanned. But we assure that it’s not a deal breaker.