Overwatch is a 6v6 objective-based multiplayer shooting game that compliments both, a great intelligent design and a joyful gameplay with sparks of magic. This game doesn’t drown you in a pool of maps, modes and options, rather it provides some exciting range of tactical layers and that amplifies everything on the screen, from your swirling team fights to your intense overtime comebacks.

Characters of Overwatch

Overwatch is filled with live excellent characters which vary in their appearances, personalities and of course origins. There is a total of 21 characters, all of which are unlocked from the very start. To mention the contrast in characters, there is a Zen practicing healer to a blue-skinned gorilla scientist. It gives you that pinch of variety and proves this is a marvelous game, as it claims. If all of the characters are put in a line, they are so much, in contrast, you wouldn’t believe they are from the same game. Even though through a shade of visual cues and a grip on contrasting attires, they hint they are from a similar world, but at the same time, far different.

Overwatch Gameplay

Here is a strong sense of differentiation in characters, which is important as it keeps strategies and the gameplay unique and doesn’t shrink everything to a cheat code. For winning a game, you’d have to look deep into its eyes and face it, and when it comes out in all its colors, you’d see its beauty, in its true sense. There is always something that comes out when you mix two characters, and it’s always unique to their mix, by turning up their own new synergic power. Overwatch is rich in its synergy and it’s one of its key highlights.

The coordination in gameplay has its own flavor that further enhances your experience when you could switch between different characters on the fly. You feel no less than a tactical genius. As they say, beautiful things come to those who have patience. And, Overwatch is no different. It takes hours of gameplay before you realize its little tricky magics between characters. Just switching between characters and experimenting with their powers and mingling them with each other, gives out a new set of experience, every time.

Slick, gorgeous, and flush with tactical depth, Overwatch is the new gold standard for multiplayer shooters. -IGN

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Overwatch is a first-person shooter that oozes personality and charm, but beyond that surface layer lies a deep, tactical game. – TrustedReviews

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Overwatch is an untraditional first-person shooter that features healers, tanks, and DPS fighters. – GameRant

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Blizzard has executed on making this a fun game to play under almost any circumstance. – DigitalTrends

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It’s not flawless, but Overwatch is still one of the best new multiplayer shooters to arrive in years. – PCGamer

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Maps offered in Overwatch

The further fun element gets added with Overwatch’s luxuriant details in 12 available maps. Every map has its own sets of objectives, and thus—have its own uniqueness added to it—well-tailored to its functioning. One of the best highlights of the mapping system is their focused objective, without ever feeling constricted. It also has a directional cue, so you don’t miss what is important. You’re somehow always in the fight, never missing an action from the film.

Overwatch Review - Exciting Range of Tactical Layers
Overwatch is one of the best multiplayer shooter design games available to us. It's a great blend of a thoughtful, strategic weekend play, and a quick rush at the end of the day. Of course, it doesn't have a world of variety in terms of numbers of maps and modes, but it does the magic with whatever it has, with its endless opportunities and series of exhilarating experiences. When you're playing it with your headphones on, there is nothing like it.
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