I still remember my first PS console.  I was just a normal kid playing with other kids and then it happened, my father bought me my first PS console! This commenced gaming in my life. Back then I didn’t know what he was doing with all of those cables and while I was waiting impatiently. He turned the TV on and that was the first time I have heard that famous start-up sound of PS 1 console. Nostalgic maybe? I know I am.


All of those hours spent in front of the TV, hiding behind my chair while my father was playing Resident Evil, playing Crash Bandicoot, famous Spyro. All of those games that in time became legendary and revolutionized gaming industry in every possible way! Almost 20 years have passed from that moment and now I start to wonder, which games are better? On one side we have old games based on great and addictive gameplay and on the other side newer games who throw a focus on incredible graphics and online massive multiplayer.

Lack of Single Player Stories In Today’s Gaming

We all heard those complaints (usually from older players) that today’s games just don’t put enough effort in creating great single player games. So is that true? Well, I believe it is. Competition in today’s gaming market is really tough, you have a lot of gaming companies that produce many different types of games and today you can find almost anything you wish for.


The problem is they make too many games, and they just don’t have enough time to create good quality single player stories and addictive gameplay. So games with a lot of bugs are created and placed on the market. We don’t want patches (which usually also have bugs). We just want to buy one game, go home and enjoy it. Multiplayer games are much more profitable, one more reason why single player is so neglected lately. But there is still hope, since from time to time a great single player appears like Mass Effect, Alan Wake, The Witcher etc.

Gaming Through Thoughtful Multiplayer Modes

When it comes to multiplayer, today’s games offer much more than the older ones. You can play with anyone, anywhere, you have online tournaments, weekly and monthly competitions and of course the unforgettable World of Warcraft.

Call of Duty WII

The Internet has removed all boundaries and you can now compete with anyone in the world. Believe it or not, the first commercial online role-playing game had its debut in 1984 (Islands of Kesmai). By the beginning of a new century Counter-Strike, Quake, and Starcraft have overtaken online multiplayer gaming. They remain one of the most played online multiplayer games in the world to date.

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Exceptionally Improved Graphics Through The Decades

As we all know, graphic content of the games is evolving every day. Technology in this field is moving so fast, that the world just can’t keep up. If you were to buy top class PC today, in less than two years you wouldn’t be able to play most games at maximum graphical settings.


First games that ever appeared had text-based and vector graphics. A hardcore gamer would get bored playing a video game with just lines, shapes and text characters as graphics. Luckily you won’t have to, all though I believe that everyone should try retro games at least once. The simplicity of these games has a relaxing effect during burnouts.

Video game graphics have surpassed many stages, “bird’s eye perspective”, 2D, 3D, first-person perspective, third-person perspective, etc. and now Oculus Rift. Which is once again revolutionizing everything we knew about graphics. With games like Crysis and Far Cry breaking all the boundaries in terms of improved graphics and faster hardware I can’t even image the face of gaming 10 years from now.

Gaming Involves Complex Plots and Gameplay

Plot and gameplay are probably the most important aspects of any game. You can have all the graphics as you wish, but if the gameplay isn’t good, the game simply isn’t good. Older games (without any technology to help them with graphics) had to rely on pure gameplay. Those were tough times because they had to give people something very interesting to play and actually spend money on, without any awesome graphics to support them. That is precisely the reason why one of the best games of all time were made in that period. Pac-Man, Super Mario, and the famous Donkey Kong are one of the best releases of all time. Even if you are not a gamer, you must have definitely heard of these titles.


We can’t talk about gameplay without mentioning gaming gadgets we have today. You can easily find gadgets which fulfill your gaming desires.

One of the best joysticks in the world is the joystick for Xbox One who overtook the first place from the famous PlayStation Dualshock. Maybe I am being sentimental, but the best joystick ever, in my opinion, was the Dualshock for PS1.

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When it comes to gaming mouse, versatile offer on the market may confuse you. But nobody can tell you really which one is the best. Every gamer has a different type of play style and according to that you should pick your gaming mouse. Choose the one very carefully and adjust it to your play style. If you look at the statics currently the best gaming mouse on the market is SteelSeries Rival 600 with the price of 70$.

Different Eras – Different Games


If you take everything into consideration, you really can’t tell which games are better. Old games have sentimental value to any gamer and that is why they will be always worshiped. They will be remembered as one of the best games ever, while new games offer new content and from time to time revolutionize gaming giving us something new to be grateful for. Although currently, graphics overpower gameplay, you can always find a good game to enjoy.

The gaming industry is always providing us with new content and who knows what type of games we could expect in a decade or two. But it is always important to remember those gaming pioneers and feel nostalgic for the childhoods flourished by them.

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