Minecraft is an innovative open-world sandbox where the only goal is survival. It’s an ambitious and well-made game that can easily keep you entertained for hundreds of hours without ever being dry. This is evident in the number of ports that Minecraft has received over the years. The latest one being the Nintendo Switch version.

This is a very fun and light game which can easily be enjoyed by both hardcore and casual gamers alike. The goal of the game is pretty simple—survive, and that’s whatever means is necessary.

Minecraft Gameplay and Settings

Minecraft features both day and night-time, each with its individual function. Daytime is mostly associated with building, gathering supplies and exploration, which are the key elements of the game and what allows you to survive the nights. That’s not to say that that it doesn’t have its own share of danger though, you still have to deal with wild animals, underground monsters and natural elements like lava.

Nights are where Minecraft’s mood changes and the game turns from survival exploration to a sort of castle defense survival. You’re pit against the majority of hostile monsters and the only way to survive is by crafting and equipping armor and weapons, plus building shelter to keep your safe from night creatures.

While survival is fun and all, Exploration takes the cake in this game. You have the freedom to go wherever you want. Provided that you can fend for yourself, of course. There’s no limit to areas that you can go to, you can dig as far down as the other side of the world as long as you have the necessary equipment to do so.

Exploring is also what nets you those sweet diamond weapons and armors, on top of providing the materials to build better shelter and other items necessary items like pickaxes, fishing poles, and shovels.

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Downside of Minecraft

While Minecraft is a solid game, it isn’t without its flaws. Particularly, the interface. When you first delve into the game, you’ll find that there’s barely any information on the game manual. In fact, you’d probably be wandering off doing silly things and collecting materials without even knowing what to do with them.

the game has minor bugs which aren’t even worth mentioning because they’re so tiny and non-game breaking. The graphics, whilst having a pixelated and retro feel to it, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Though personally, I find that it’s efficient for the type of world that the developer created and not at all unappealing.

General Views about Minecraft

Minecraft is a great casual game that is both immersive and addictive without the need to spend hundreds of hours in order to enjoy the game. Of course, that’s not to say that the game won’t reel you in to play hundreds to thousands of hours in exploration and survival.

The content never gets old since you will be able to explore more than one world or even play around in the free build mode. If you finish playing through all of that and still want more, then there’s also the multiplayer mode which can be a hassle to set-up but is well worth the effort once you get it working.

Minecraft Review - Fun and Light
While there are some bugs present in the game, none of them are bad enough to make Minecraft unenjoyable. Overall the game is amazing and is highly recommended for those who aren't finicky about high-end graphics.
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