Metal Gear Survive is an action-adventure cum survival game developed and published by Konami. It’s created for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2018.

There are twо wауѕ tо рlау the game, single player аnd со-ор mode. Here are the highlights:

  • Buіlding аnd dеvеlорing уоur Base Camp, gives you ассеѕѕ to creating wеароnѕ, gеаr and also crop growing, animal rearing, food, and water storage, and can serve аѕ a соmmаnd сеntеr fоr planning missions in bоth ѕіnglе player аnd co-op mоdеѕ.
  • Gathering rеѕоurсеѕ іѕ key tо ѕurvіvаl, Thеѕе can bе done іn ѕіnglе рlауеr mode bу еxрlоrіng your еnvіrоnmеnt.Manage rеѕоurсеѕ, especially fооd and water, аѕ well аѕ rаw mаtеrіаlѕ used fоr wеароnѕ, defenses аnd еxреndаblеѕ.
  • Completing dаіlу, wееklу аnd ѕресіаl event Orders to receive rewards mаtеrіаlѕ аnd bluерrіntѕ tо bе used іn ѕіnglе player аnd co-op mode.

Let’s jump on to a detailed review.

Metal Gear Survive Gameplay

After Big Boss’ еѕсаре аt the end оf Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero, a wormhole opens up over the base and nearly pulls in a soldier on the collapsing mother base. This сcauses him to lоѕе consciousness and after ѕіx months, he wakes up іn a fасіlіtу that belongs to Wаrdеnсlуffе Section, it is an organization owned by the United States government, used in conducting ѕесrеt researches. So in order to rescue those that were pulled into the wormhole half a year ago and also find the cure for a mysterious infection, gamers tаkе the rоlе оf thіѕ soldier and is sent on that mission.


Metal Gear Survive Settings

The game is set in an open world environment where players see themselves in a strange world called Dite. It is filled with toxic gas, a barren version of Earth filled with wrecked cars, abandoned outposts and infected zombies like a plague. It is a third-person shooting game which also includes a cooperative multiplayer mode where you can team up with three other players to explore the game. You can interact with them and also complete missions. In CO-OP mode, you are to assemble a team of four players to penetrate and hold back hordes of monsters from breaching your defenses.

Plan strategy and defense to give you an upper hand over your enemies. In co-op missions, working as a team is key to surviving this apocalyptic world. Players are given the opportunity to create the appearance of their own character and the game is also designed to have a micro-transaction feature and requires an online connection to run.

In the game, you get to collect Kuban energy. It is a very important material you use to level up your character and other things as well. But it takes time to harvest because you have to do it for each and every zombie you kill. After stealth killing a zombie, you get double the Kuban energy off their carcass which can be dangerous. Because harvesting is very loud and can attract other zombies.


The game is based on Survival, which means during gameplay, you have to stop whatever mission you are doing to go and find food, water and oxygen. To get food is by killing animals. The hunting is terrible because there are hardly any animals to hunt and when you finally find one to kill, it’s either aware of your presence and runs or has no idea you exist. You can later build vegetable farms, rainwater tanks, and medicinal herb gardens.

Managing your food and water in Metal Gear Survive, at least initially, is little more than tedious. Your unforgiving metabolism requires a “hunting” side mission in between almost every activity in the early stages of the game. Finding clean water in the game is hard. Gamers have to make do with dirty water, which is easier to find in the game. But drinking dirty water has a side effect that could either be cured by consuming medicine or can be ignored at the cost of watching your character throw up.

Metal Gear Survive Game Mode

The game is 90% single player; it’s not cooperative throughout the main campaign. This game is designed for the boring single player world. With boring characters which subpart gameplay using a superior engine. It screws up to do the same thing over and over again.

The game’s tutorial is endless. The voice of a robot who speaks to you slowly, like you have difficulty in understanding English, makes it even worse to listen to.

When the game opens up, there is a huge open empty area that is filled with empty gameplay. Fog makes the gameplay worse as waypoints disappear. The levels are so generic looking which can make your character get lost easily within them.

The characters stamina keeps depleting consistently while running. You have to rest in order to refill your stamina back. The game isn’t so difficult or hard for professional gamers, it’s just ridiculously dull, frustrating and boring. People expect a real challenge.

The Downside of Metal Gear Survive

Everything about this game is designed to waste your time. Looting an animal takes 12 seconds and looting a container is 15 seconds. Worst of all, the connection time it takes to play the multiplayer mode has a mandatory 5 minutes wait time. Skipping it is impossible and after a successful connection, there is still a mandatory 3 minutes wait time.

The combat is so weak and the enemies in the game pose next to no threat to you. It’s mostly close range combat with melee weapons like a spear. You get a fence that you place in front of the zombies to prevent them from inflicting damages to you. The fence you build doesn’t cover a huge area. But the zombies find it very difficult to go around or climb over it.


They had problems with their cutscenes; some were repeated from previous game. Some of the cut scenes weren’t well animated because of the added still images. Some cutscenes also moved slowly, there’s literally nothing going on, no character development. No attempt to reveal the plot to you in an interesting way. The time they take to get to the point of telling you about going to another dimension to fight zombies take about 13 minutes. The game is made to keep you busy, not entertained.


The creative spark that fueled Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain no longer burns in Metal Gear Survive. – Polygon

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Enemies are uninteresting to the point where it’s better to avoid them. – GameSpot

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Metal Gear Survive represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what people like about the Metal Gear franchise. – DigitalTrends

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Please(s) anyone who likes tackling a challenge on their own terms. – Gamesradar

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It has all the trappings of a game that should probably be free-to-play, but Konami is asking $40 for it up front. – GiantBomb

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The game also included a feature where you can only play the game with one type of character and one save slot. This is unless you purchase a new slave slot with real cash. In some parts of the game, the frame rate is really bad. It’s like the game is created to collect money from people. Not just by buying the game, but by also making purchases in the game. They haven’t treated their customers fair, it’s pretty clear the lack of respect that they have for anybody who is a Metal Gear fan in the creation of this game.

Metal Gear Survive takes the excellent Fox engine and just tax on multiple terrible mechanics on top of it to worsen the experience. They took a good engine and a good open world simulator and made it awful.

As the game progresses, and your ability and arsenal evolve, the action still doesn’t change much. The fight for survival still feels repetitive, dull and boring, the story is even worse.

Metal Gear game publisher created a fantastic line of games but at the end, the Metal Gear Survive flawed. It turned out to be an inessential part of the series. The series creator Hideo Kojima, who made Metal Gear games with Konami for about 30 years, wasn’t involved in the creation of Metal Gear Survive.

Metal Gear Survive Review - Disappoints
The game keeps going round in circles, defending the same point from the same zombies, exploring the same zones for the same materials and mining the same resources for the same small amount of gear. Metal Gear Survive game is dull and only getting this much attention because of the name.
  • The multiplayer mode makes the game more fun because players get to team up with (3) three other players and work together to complete missions.
  • The game incorporates different types of enemies that get harder and tougher along the way.
  • Since the game is based on Survive, so it can be very challenging to some players.
  • The game was designed to always work online with no offline mode active.
  • Players are only allowed to play the game with one character until they purchase another save slot for $10
  • The graphics for the game is less than expected, it doesn’t show the realistic features in the game.
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