The World War II was characterized by the bloodshed, outrage, and horrendous acts of brutality. The game Call of Duty World at War depicts the same with a difference that here you are portrayed as a soldier of two nations (Russia and America) and you need to alternate them at the different levels.

Call of Duty World at War Gameplay

Set against the backdrop of World War II, in this game the player needs to formulate a strategy to conquer the competitor. Weapons including the support tanks, guns, and powerful add-ups are included. As told above, in this game, the players need to divide their time into two offensive characters. As a Russian soldier (who is fighting to revive his lost freedom) and as an American soldier (who is struggling to get back the Pacific Islands from the Japanese). The player will be alternating between these two offensive roles. Due to its solid progression and adept pacing, the player won’t feel a breakdown.

Each soldier’s journey will start from a low score level and his defensive power would be weak. But slowly and steadily the game will pick up its pace. The first few levels would be difficult and at times the player may feel like giving up as the enemy will try to show their prowess, but a strong determination will pay off and as the game progresses the victory will seem closer to you.

Call of Duty: World at War has ensured a proven level of technical quality, particularly in the multiplayer arena. – GameSpot

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There’s something oddly lovable about Treyarch’s brain-dead WWII shooter. – TrustedReviews

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It’s brutal as hell. – GamesRadar

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Perfectly competent game with exciting multiplayer options and a campaign that’s worth playing. – GiantBomb

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The exciting part of Call of Duty World at War

This multiplayer game allows 4 players (the number of enemies increases as every player joins the game) to participate in the game using the standout weapons. What differentiates this game from others- is its two enthusiast characters (as a Russian soldier and American soldier). While the American campaign will be tougher as the snipers may jump up from treetops or pop out from the holes and start the merciless killings. On the other hand, Russian campaign will be slightly more predictable, but it will become vigorous at the end. The explosions, gunfire will show you the effects of World War II in a virtual environment. Though it is a bit more violent than what happened in the real world.) This well-tuned game spits adventure, determination, passion and aggressiveness.

The game offers bonus points in form of death cards wherein the player will get the same once he completes a particular level. Completing different tasks will earn the player experience points that will up his/her multi-player rank. Cooperative play will offer fun, but associating it with the multiplayer ranking system makes the game more competitive and interesting.

Call of Duty World at War Review - Makes You Feel Like an Action Hero
In the end, we would like to conclude that the call of duty World at War will make you feel like an action hero and will inflate your emotional timbre. This game leads you to think about the destruction that war can bring. All in all, it’s a thought- provoking and exciting game. The endless fights, scripted weapons, damaging attacks, sniper attacks, intoxicates the audience and make them sit glued to their consoles.
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